515 : The Ultraman Podcast

Ep 8 -- The Champions Edition

May 13, 2021 Larry Ryan Season 1 Episode 8
515 : The Ultraman Podcast
Ep 8 -- The Champions Edition
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In the second of our champion check-ins, I speak with 2019 UMC women’s champion Kathryn Zeiler. 

Steve King highlights the careers of a number of champions while introducing us to Ingrid Hillhouse in Steve King Stories.

The Ultraman Canada 2021 athlete profile features a four time world champion at four different distances who is  searching for number five this year, retired pro-triathlete, Leanda Cave.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Shout outs and mentions in this episode:

  • Brad Sawa
  • Jordan Bryden 
  • Mary Knott
  • Mark Boudreau 
  • Hillary Biscay
  • Jess Gumkowski
  • BJ Gumkowski
  • Melanie McSally
  • Taryn Spates
  • Dr. Ibram X. Kendi  (In bonus episode)
  • Steve King
  • Dede Greisbauer  
  • Kate Bevilaqua 
  • Amy VanTassel
  • Rick Kent
  • Andrew Gale
  • Heath Eskalyo  
  • Ben Kanute
  • Brownlee Brothers 
  • Craig Alexander 
  • Chris Nikic
  • Manuel Huerta
  • Kris Swarthout
  • Maiko De Andara

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Host : Larry Ryan
Contributing Raconteur : Steve King
Announcer : Mary Jo Dionne
Production : 5Five Enterprises
Sponsor : Ultraman Canada
Music  :  Run by 331

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UMC 2019 Champion Kathryn Zeiler conversation
Crew Story by Melanie McSally
Steve King Stories : Ingrid Hillhouse
2021 UMC Athlete Profile : Leanda Cave